Hello Ghost Hunters,

This week end was quite the weekend! I have heard of intelligent play with electronics and I have seen something turn a flashlight on and off on TV, but I had never seen it in person! It is quite the sight to see. This was the weekend of the FLASHLIGHT.

While down in the S&S factory basement we placed our twist top mag light on the banister, near the bridal preparation area. We asked if the energy could turn the flashlight on, it took a second, and sure enough it did! We next asked the flashlight to turn off and, likewise, it did.  It continued to, seemingly, answer our questions giving us yes’ and no’s alike!

This is a very exciting phenomenon that is a hard one to debunk, namely because of the intelligent nature of the responses. One explanation could be thermodynamics but that would seem more random, not the “turn it on” ..”Thank You”…”turn it off”….”Thank You”  that we got. There is a video posted by a guest investigator on our FaceBook. CHECK IT OUT!!!

A word on History and possible Changes!!

Historic research and paranormal research is an incredibly important part of what we as ghost hunters do. As we mention in the tour without knowing what happened in a location you can never be sure about what is happening. We want to be smart hunters, we want to be sure that in the age of A LOT of skepticism we are able to fight the fire with well informed responses. We at Real Ghost Tours understand that it is sometimes hard to delve into that part, we just want to investigate! BUT it is really important, and it is information we must know before playing with the spirits we hold dear! SO HOW do we compromise? we want to start giving investigation licenses’ out to our first time investigators, if they return for another investigation we will allow them to skip forward and have a longer investigation tour.

how does this sound? We think it will work out

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