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We were inundated with both the living and the dead this weekend! Our boss added a 7 pm tour, so we now offer the 7pm, 9pm, 11pm and overnight which starts around 11pm and goes until approximately 3am or there … Continue reading

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4/21 – Investigation Log

*7pm – There were quite a few EMF spikes that teased us when we were on the second floor of the Evener Center. None of the spikes stayed for too long but seemed to travel about the room. Apparently, it … Continue reading

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Hello Ghost Hunters, This week end was quite the weekend! I have heard of intelligent play with electronics and I have seen something turn a flashlight on and off on TV, but I had never seen it in person! It … Continue reading

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Extended report.

Hello Ghost hunters, We have been experiencing some fairly interesting things, namely EMF, ORB and some pretty cool EVP pieces.  Some of the most notable for me are a gentleman by the name of Jack ( close to Zach, so he has to … Continue reading

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Weekend Report From 3-5, February

Greetings Ghost Hunters! This weekend was certainly very interesting and full of surprises. I am always amazed by the amazing history we have in Minneapolis. Any paranormal investigator should also be a historian in certain ways, it really does help. … Continue reading

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Tour report Friday 13th.

Hey Ghost Hunters! Well we don’t suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia ( fear of Friday the 13th ), we were out hunting! It was quiet tonight; not many big things to report. We as usual captured very odd EMF readings, some hitting … Continue reading

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Weekend Report: November 19, 2011

Saturday’s tour was a normal 9:00pm hour & 45-minute investigation. It was a quiet night around here. There was a wedding in the event center which forced us to Medvec on the second floor. It was quiet there as well. … Continue reading

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Weekend Report: November 18, 2011

We were very pleased to welcome Dakota Landen and his friends for an overnight on Friday and we were even more pleased with the paranormal turn-out. After the equipment was set we went out for the hunt. The night started … Continue reading

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