A Skeptic Buds!

As the resident skeptic of our investigating team, I am constantly faced with the possibility of encountering something so convincing that I will be forced to accept the presence of spirits and let go of my much loved logic and rationality. I don’t deny that unexplainable things occur, but I hesitate to make the leap from abnormal to apparition.
However, as I approach my six month anniversary of working in this building, I find that I have, at the very least, become a defender of the paranormal’s extended family. It takes patience and guts to sit in the dark and ask for a haunting. Naysayers be damned; sometimes, very strange things happen.
This weekend was no exception. The activity is mounting in St. Anthony Main. Maybe it just the warm days and the promise of spring. Tommy has blossomed. He’s come so far out of his shell (much credit is due to Katie) that he will play hide and seek and have fairly detailed conversations via dowsing rods and occasionally audibly.
Likewise, Amelia, our shy lady of the night, has also come into her own. She is no longer quiet. She has been lighting up flashlights in the Event Center’s basement, nearly on command, and generally gracing us with her presence more often. On Saturday evening, she touched a guest at Katie’s request in the same downstairs area.
Even Dominic has been popping up from time to time. Unlike some investigating teams, moving from place to place, we stay right here, year round. Our ghosts are not our subjects, but rather our friends. Am I still skeptical? Yes. But you don’t turn your back on your friends.

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