Full Moons and Full Figures

Although we usually see a spike in activity near the full moon, the past few weekends have been insane. Something is stirring in the paranormal places near St. Anthony Main.
Due to the nice weather, we’ve been able to make a few special trips down to the mill ruins on the Lower Trail. We’ve captured orbs, shadow figures, and possibly EVP’s. Our digital recorders have been literally shutting down from the amount of clips we’ve been getting. These canals were the tail runs for the water powering the flour turbines and, as the ghost hunters already know, many deaths occurred because of the inability to shut the equipment off. Some of the EVP’s have been recently more and more mill related. We’re looking into any major accidents that may have occurred around this time in the past.
In addition to the recordings, we’ve also been capturing some partial shadow figures in what seems to be 1920’s working attire. Hopefully, these spirits will continue to feel welcomed by us and fully appear soon.
Our basement continues to be a hot spot for a couple of our favorite phantom friends. Tommy, the little boy, has been interacting with some of our guests more recently. Last weekend, he even took a man’s hand when prompted. Amelia, the prostitute, has become more and more a mother figure for Tommy. We’ve recently seen the rocking chair moving on it’s own accord and captured what may be a faint lullaby. Please, guys, just appear! We want to see you!
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