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Amityville Horror 2: Toms River & Friday the 13th April Happenings.|topnews|text|Frontpage Today, I read the above article about a family who has fled their New England home with claims of a serious “intelligent-type” haunting. The family moved in and only stayed one week before being driven away by lights being … Continue reading

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Hello Ghost Hunters, This week end was quite the weekend! I have heard of intelligent play with electronics and I have seen something turn a flashlight on and off on TV, but I had never seen it in person! It … Continue reading

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Captured EVP from 3/3 tour

Patrick shared this video on our Facebook page from his tour on Saturday night – many thanks: As he notes in his video description, he asks the “Badman” if he’s thereĀ  around the 0:45 mark – if you turn up … Continue reading

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Thermal evidence (from January 14)

Kenny, who came on our tour on Saturday, shot the following video & put it up on Youtube. Interesting! Especially check out what he labels a ‘thermal anomaly’ from ~1:55 – 2:40 right by the wrist that’s holding a dowsing … Continue reading

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touched by ghost

WE went to the basement of the Event Center with a group of four on Friday the 6th. I went by the tunnel towards the bathrooms and I felt a hand touch the back of my head and flip my … Continue reading

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Can you hear the whispering?

EVP from the December 10th investigation Listen carefully…. there is somebody whispering prior to the tour guide asking if people parked in the parking ramp.

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EMF spike during overnight

We got an EMF spike while we were investigating on Saturday night – I guess William Satterlee wanted to play!

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Event Center EVP

Check out this EVP from one of our earliest entries into the basement of the St. Anthony Main complex.

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