“Haunted Minnesota” clip

Dakota, an aspiring ghost show producer, & some of his friends, came down to St. Anthony Main a few weeks back & chatted with Zach & Katy, two of our ghost tour guides, & shot some video. Here’s a clip, talking about one of the more freaky areas on our tour. (look at 1:20 to 2:35)

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We were inundated with both the living and the dead this weekend! Our boss added a 7 pm tour, so we now offer the 7pm, 9pm, 11pm and overnight which starts around 11pm and goes until approximately 3am or there after if the evidence is non stop. There have been times when the activity is so spookalicious that the tour attendees are dragging the lead investigators away because they are terrified!

People are worried that they have to get in before Halloween or the activity will dwindle down and they won’t get the “good” evidence.

Some think that the spike in activity is due to Halloween, which has been the day for the dead to roam the earth and mingle with the living.

I am here to guarantee to you that this is only a small part of the rise in activity, that there is something far more serious and impending than just this holiday for the dead.

This weekend the spirits were telling the group through my digital recorder in the form of an EVP or electronic voice phenomena , that there is going to be a huge event in the cosmos that will keep the veil between the living and the dead gossamer thin and the dead can increasingly interact much more efficiently with the living. Some of this is due to the increasing numbers of spirits getting caught between the worlds and there is an alarming gain in population and they are worried a major sweep will happen where they will get displaced to an unsatisfactory place.

I guess this is where I mother everyone and tell them to live carefully but to die even more carefully.

What can that mean for you?

We recently had a drug addicted step father that died of an over-dose, visit us in one of our haunted locations and tell his step son who was attending our tour, that is wasn’t too late for his drug addicted mother to change and get clean and that all he needed his step son to do was: go to her, walk thru her front door, sit down on her bed and take her hand and tell her to fight the urge. He said all of this in my recorder! The tour was in tears. We were startled when at one am, the guys phone rang and the mom he hadn’t spoken to in a very long time, had mysteriously dialed his number. The deceased step dad had admitted in the recorder, to setting it all up. He said to die like that has made him stuck in between worlds and he would not take his light until he knew that the woman he loved finally quit the drugs and had hope again. He said to die like how he passed gave him indescribable pain. He wanted to save his wife from the same fate, and felt his step son was the only way.

The next night another tour attendee had a godfather come thru, said a few jokes at first but then got real serious and told the 52-year-old man who he felt worried that he would end up dying a depressed old man that never knew true joy. He went on to say that he was living his life very much like his father who was currently stuck in limbo because he had been so depressed in life and was angry he had not enjoyed life more and had no loving memories to guide him into the light.

Another girl had a male husband from a former life tormenting her because she had abused him and he was hell-bent of killing her until he was convinced what the face of real love looked like and went into the light after a tearful forgiveness.

Every thing YOU do is reflected in your after life. That is their basic message to all of us. The opposite of love is not hate but fear, and fear drives us to do hateful things.

We have also learned that the addictions you struggle with in life, follow you in death if you don’t deal with them while you still live. If you refuse to take your light and face your life and death in a fearless and accountable manner then these problems will continue to haunt you mercilessly.

A spirit named Burt gave a perfect example of this when he reminded a woman on our tour that his only addiction was for booze and he desperately wanted some or he wouldn’t let the other spirits through and interact with us!


The overnight is a perfect forum to talk to not only our resident spirits, but also the tour attendees dead family and friends. Often the dead speak loud enough for the other listeners to hear, but sometimes they want only the medium to hear and have me relay the messages. We had an uncle visit us in the basement where we learned of his untimely death. He had stepped forward to tell his niece that he was ALWAYS with her and her sister Katy. He said his name was Nick, but his family called him Nicky Boy, only something they would know. The EVP of him telling us this is so audible that even the folks down the hall heard it! He said he hadn’t passed over yet because he was looking for his wife that died a year after him and usually that means she did pass on into the light leaving him searching for her and protecting his nieces.

This tells me that you can live a full, happy life and still get stuck in limbo due to a sudden and untimely death that takes you by surprise and leaves the person feeling stunned and lost. Hopefully by telling Nick that his wife is waiting in the light made him rush towards it and live a contented family life in the great here after.

I never thought that I would have the great honor of meeting so many wonderful deceased family members of our customers and I am truly grateful.

For the ones that want a more private, quiet atmosphere to try to have a conversation with the dead; whether its your family that passed, a friend you greatly miss or even want to engage one of our many local resident spirits here, I suggest when you book a reservation, ask our receptionist to do an overnight and hopefully I can get you to connect with someone who has probably been dying to speak with you as well! (no pun intended.

I hope to see many return ghost enthusiasts and some new faces as well. A special Banshee shout out to: Josie, a wonderful 14-year-old sensitive that has been gracing our tours over half a dozen times and David, another teenage investigator that never minds a good explosion of poltergeist activity over his head or the scary three clawed scratch that he gets when he provokes the grumpy spirits in our basement tunnels!

May you all clean the closet of your unconscious mind,


Much love and light,

Katie Quella Lead investigator, CMT, ITCM

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What is an Instrumental transcommunication MEDIUM?

What is an Instrumental transcommunication medium? A few years ago I would have thought that was some type of oil based paint additive or some weird medical device, but now that I have been tagged the term many times over, I fully embrace this title with fervor.

Instrumental trans-communication or ITC means using any form of technology such as a camera, computer, t.v. or in my case, digital recorder; to capture any paranormal activities.

The first to study this type of thing dates way back to Boston in 1862, when a simple man who worked in engraving came to photograph himself in his off time and discovered an “extra” face in his photos. Many had several faces, and upon investigating these faces, he discovered they were dead relatives from his clients that perhaps needed to get a message across to their loved ones that they were ok.

Many ITC mediums followed like John Meyers, Ted Serios and Hans Holzer, all of whom were quite famous in capturing astonishing pictures of the deceased. In some cases they were even able to produce ectoplasmic messages written with in the picture.

One of the more well-known ITC are electronic voice phenomenon or EVPS. It is the capturing of disembodied voices on a recorder, telephone, C.B or radio.

Attention to EVPS started long ago when Thomas Edison was thought to capture a disembodied voice from out of the ethereal plane. Edison’s friends were perplexed and astonished when he later told them that he one day hoped to create the telephone for the dead. Unfortunately he had died before he finished it and his plans were never found and debunkers later stated it was only heresy. Years later, a man named Frank made a device called Frank’s Box where a radio on AM is set on continuous scan for spirits to utilize the white noise to imprint their voices and send messages to the living. This works great for some skeptics, the announcer’s voice on the radio seemed to dirty the recordings and made it seem less authentic.

That is why an EVP from a recorder is so amazing. It is unmistakable when the accounted for are sitting quietly and a disembodied voice says, “I miss you Jake! It’s Dad!”

Another pioneer for EVP is Friedrich Jurgenson. Fredrich was a swedish film director and portrait painter. In 1959 when he was engrossed in his favorite hobby: tape recording bird song, he shockingly came across a voice saying “Bird voices in the night.”

He also heard his mother speaking to him telling him he was being watched. He instantly recognized his dead mothers voice and became excited with the prospect of his accidentally found, new endeavor and spent the next twenty-eight years of his life capturing hundreds of spirit voices.

Every one can participate in and capture any one of the numerous forms of ITC. What makes you an ITC medium is that you capture them nearly EVERY time you try that form of ITC.

What makes a person graduate to mediumship is there will be the medium sitting with another person holding a recorder, sitting right next to each other and upon play-back the medium will get voices whereas the other person gets a blank recording. This has happened to me over the past year and a half. I will have my digital recorder on and get many voices coming through, desperate to be listened to. Some wonder how that is possible.

I feel the reason is simple, I am set up to listen and I have practiced this over many years. It seems to be an earned gift, which is why I think ANYONE can achieve this level of ITC if they work long and hard at it. Usually people get a taste, maybe a few photos of an apparition, shadow entity, or pieces of glowing spirit energy. Maybe they may even get a few EVPS, but the next time they record they will get nothing significant on their recorder. For them they go back to their normal lives and forget about the world of ITC.

I never forget, in fact a close friend of mine constantly begs for me to get my head out of the grave yard as I am constantly recording and listening to ghosts. I have even developed deep relationships with some of them and on occasion ask them move things and turn on lights.

The reason I bring all of this up, is I have hundreds upon hundreds of EVPS that are personal to me or to co-workers or to our tour attendees. Messages that I know MUST be important as these spirits as they seem very excited to get them out to the rightful owner.

That is why it is so incredibly important for ALL of our tour Attendees to read our future blogs and look for your message. I now have been getting not only voices of your dearly departed, but some pictures and names or writings on the pictures. These spirits put in a lot of time and energy trying to get through to us and the very least we can do is pay attention to them.

I hope everyone is having a great autumn! My heart goes out to all those living and all those that have passed!

A special shout out to DAVE, a resident spirit that finally got the courage to move into the light after a lengthy session with a great gal named Laura, who had a deceased friend named B.J. that we were told by other spirits, had promised to accompany Dave to the other side. The other spirits had said Dave was well-loved there and protected the workers and tour attendees diligently on every tour.

Dave, you are GREATLY missed and I hope you are having all the beer and pizza you want, finished off with a banana split!

Much Love and Light,

Katie Quella

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4/21 – Investigation Log

*7pm – There were quite a few EMF spikes that teased us when we were on the second floor of the Evener Center. None of the spikes stayed for too long but seemed to travel about the room. Apparently, it was just a tease compared to the basement.

The flashlight is still being really responsive in the basement of the Event Center. Perhaps the special investigation last night stirred things up , who knows. Tonight, Zach was getting response after response to his questions. He would even give the spirit a countdown to turn the light off and it worked! If you’re starting to get skeptical, a woman on the tour translated each of his questions into Spanish and the light responded exactly the same to the Spanish translation.

*9pm – This tour was REALLY full. ūüôā The best part was that everyone was really upbeat despite the weather. An investigator found something strange while on the second floor of the event center. The picture that is hanging on the wall near the stairs (going down toward basement) sent two meters all the way up for about 10 seconds before calming down. No one got a reading after that.¬† A Younger investigator had quite the experience. After turning the corner in our basement, he claimed to be met by a full-bodied apparition, a young girl about his height with brown hair! Needless to say he was a little bit frightened after that, but very excited, This report matches other report coming from our basement, of little Tommy or little Emily. Other patrons in the basement felt short of breath and saw a sign on the wall that did not exist.

*11pm – A few investigators were down in the Ghost Tours basement, in the “bad man hallway” and felt something like water drop onto their heads. When they looked for the¬† source to no avail. Then, one of the investigators heard the name “Eric” whispered.

**Overall it seems that the activity is picking up as we move into the summer season.

Check for more updates next week. Happy Hunting.


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4/20/12 – Investigation Report

Greetings fellow investigators –

Tonight marks the start of yet another weekend of tours. Last weekend proved to be a pretty good weekend activity-wise. I have a sneaking suspicion that it had more to do with the inclement weather that we were experiencing than it had to do with the fact that it was Friday the 13th.

From what I have gathered in my research, it is believed that paranormal activity is more prevalent during storms or inclement weather due to increased electromagnetic energy that manifests before and during a storm. (This is what causes lightning. There is a build-up of electron particles in the atmosphere and lightning is created when this charge equalizes.) It is thought, by some, that this extra energy is what allows the paranormal to be so prevalent on stormy nights.

Tonight’s Evidence:

*7pm – Soo…just as the investigation portion of the tour started on the second level of “the Event Center,” a patron had switched off the flashlight hanging around his neck to save battery, and when he crossed the threshold into the room, the light clicked on all by itself. Then, when we were in the basement area of the Event Center, Zach set down his personal flashlight and began to ask the room if there was a spirit present and if so, to turn the flashlight on. It did. And it turned on SEVERAL times for other questions too.

*9pm – this tour was quiet. too quiet. eerily quiet. hmm…

*11pm – SPECIAL: This tour was 100% investigation. We originally had 3 returning investigators signed up for the tour so we decided to do a spur of the moment “investigation only” tour and announce it on Facebook and Twitter. A few more veterans returned for this special event. There were 12 of us total for the investigation. It was a really great time. I don’t really know how to explain why the spirits were so quiet on the previous tour other than they were saving it for this one. When we were in the basement of the Event Center, we saw not one, but two flashlights responding to questions. Only one flashlight belonged to us, the other to Jenny G., a returning investigator. The flashlight seemed to be responding primarily to her questions and did so for about 15 minutes. In the basement under the store, the EMF activity was being rather consistent and seemed to be responding to questions.

Given that there was so much specific activity that happened tonight, I suspect that most of the investigators collected personal evidence and will be sending it to us in due time. When we get it, we will post it.

Happy Hunting – James

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Close Encounters

Hello Ghost Hunters!

As said before, What an awesome set of tours! Recently, we’ve felt a decline in our personal experiences with our spirits. But, fear not friends, encounters have returned!

We are thrilled about a recent slew of touchings, tappings, and tuggings. Katie has been warmly accepting a little two year old into her lap these past few tours. This little guy is probably related to our other young one, Tommy. A brother? We knew about the elder sibling, but not this baby one.

In addition to Tommy’s tiny tot, Katie has also come in contact with some of our resident Mattress factory spirits. Tonight, we discovered that we were having a conversation with the spirit of a bear rather than a human. Katie mentioned the connection between the powerful bear spirit and protection. Lately, something has been sulking about the basements. Perhaps these encounters are loving, in a way.

We make it a point to give our spirits gifts. This both fortifies our relationships with them and their relationships with the living world. One of the most confusing aspects of spirithood is learning that one is no longer alive. Any connections to the living world are appreciated, usually, by those who feel forgotten. Keep in mind that most of our dearly departed residents are very much alone. They do not have living friends or family any longer. And, because of many different cultural shifts, our society is less inclined to honor the past, often choosing to pretend is was only necessary to get to the present.

As paranormal investigators, we are also paranormal psychologists. We try to remind our ghosts that they both mattered in the past and that they continue to matter today. History repeats itself, but only if we consider history something already established. In fact, history is happening right now, all the time. Our ghosts are as much a part of that as we are.

Anyway, we just want to say much love to all our spirit friends. And we want to remind everyone everywhere that you reap what you sow. Give gifts, receive gifts. Everything is connected.


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Amityville Horror 2: Toms River & Friday the 13th April Happenings.


Today, I read the above article about a family who has fled their New England home with claims of a serious “intelligent-type” haunting. The family moved in and only stayed one week before being driven away by lights being turned off and on, towels being ejected from their closets, and a few other things that are reminiscent of recent paranormal horror films.

It actually mirrors the case from the 1970’s responsible for creating the actual “Amityville Horror,” which was turned into a book and later a film. The homeowner (as well as other media sources) are blaming the family for fabricating the story to avoid rent payments due to financial hardship. This is similar to what happened in the Amityville story. People are always so quick to discredit paranormal activity.

What do you think? Judging by the evidence in the article, does it seem like this house is actually haunted or is this just a creative way to combat financial trouble?


Being Friday the 13th, we expected to have some increased activity on our tours. Tonight we were not disappointed in the slightest.

*7pm – During the first tour we had some great activity with two of the flashlights on the tour. The tour guide’s flashlight was responding to “yes/no” questions (even questions in French!) in the Event Center. It was blinking on and off in response. One young man on the tour, Riley, brought a personal flashlight that was hanging around his neck. Both hands filled with ghost equipment, he asked the spirit to turn on his flashlight…and. it. happened.

*9pm – A patron asked if there was a Native American spirit present in the room (of the Event Center) and the flashlight again responded with flashes. Carolyn B. and her group experienced multiple instances of heightened EMF detection. In fact, at one point, when using the dowsing rods to communicate with a suspected spirit, the dowsing rods began to spin and the EMF detector peaked with activity. Another gentleman was overcome by an ill feeling and a slight headache after entering a corner of the basement.

*11pm – Rather quiet final tour. *UPDATE: Apparently on the last tour, when down in the main basement area (below Pracna on Main), Investigator Katie noted that all 15 EMF detectors synced with the manifestations happening on the “ghost box” creating a heartbeat effect. Each EMF was apparently up into the 10mGauss range. To add to this, people made out voices begging for someone to “hurry up and help them.”



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Dowsing for Spirits: May 9th Experience

I wanted to plug an event that is coming up in the near future in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area, featuring Curt, one of our ghost hunters.

*Dowsing For Spirits with Curt Hansen and Annie Wilder*

Wednesday, May 9th from 7-9pm @ Annie Wilder’s house (address will be emailed to class participants).

The event is $35 and includes a dowsing lesson (where you will learn to dowse for spirits as well as for water, coins and missing objects using both a pendulum and dowsing rods), a personal set of dowsing rods, mini tour, and refreshments.

If you are interested in attending, please email Annie at: annie@anniewilder.com or message her on Facebook

**Curt Hansen, of the American Society of Dowsers, has nearly forty years of experience successfully dowsing for water wells in Montana and Wyoming. As a guide with Real Ghost Tours in Minneapolis, Curt discovered that dowsing rods could also be used to communicate with spirits, identify energetic anomalies, and find portals.


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Full Moons and Full Figures

Although we usually see a spike in activity near the full moon, the past few weekends have been insane. Something is stirring in the paranormal places near St. Anthony Main.
Due to the nice weather, we’ve been able to make a few special trips down to the mill ruins on the Lower Trail. We’ve captured orbs, shadow figures, and possibly EVP’s. Our digital recorders have been literally shutting down from the amount of clips we’ve been getting. These canals were the tail runs for the water powering the flour turbines and, as the ghost hunters already know, many deaths occurred because of the inability to shut the equipment off. Some of the EVP’s have been recently more and more mill related. We’re looking into any major accidents that may have occurred around this time in the past.
In addition to the recordings, we’ve also been capturing some partial shadow figures in what seems to be 1920’s working attire. Hopefully, these spirits will continue to feel welcomed by us and fully appear soon.
Our basement continues to be a hot spot for a couple of our favorite phantom friends. Tommy, the little boy, has been interacting with some of our guests more recently. Last weekend, he even took a man’s hand when prompted. Amelia, the prostitute, has become more and more a mother figure for Tommy. We’ve recently seen the rocking chair moving on it’s own accord and captured what may be a faint lullaby. Please, guys, just appear! We want to see you!
Anyway, happy hunting, hunters! Remember to howl at the moon for the Wolf Man!

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Hello Ghost Hunters,

This week end was quite the weekend! I have heard of intelligent play with electronics and I have seen something turn a flashlight on and off on TV, but I had never seen it in person! It is quite the sight to see. This was the weekend of the FLASHLIGHT.

While down in the S&S factory basement we placed our twist top mag light on the banister, near the bridal¬†preparation area. We asked if the energy could turn the flashlight on, it took a second, and sure enough it did! We next asked the flashlight to turn off and, likewise, it did. ¬†It continued to, seemingly, answer our questions giving us yes’ and no’s alike!

This is a very exciting phenomenon that is a hard one to debunk, namely because of the intelligent nature of the responses. One¬†explanation could be thermodynamics but that would seem more random, not the “turn it on”¬†..”Thank You”…”turn it off”….”Thank You” ¬†that we got. There is a video posted by a guest investigator on our FaceBook. CHECK IT OUT!!!

A word on History and possible Changes!!

Historic research and paranormal research is an incredibly important part of what we as ghost hunters do. As we mention in the tour without knowing what happened in a location you can never be sure about what is happening. We want to be smart hunters, we want to be sure that in the age of A LOT of¬†skepticism we are able to fight the fire with well informed responses. We at Real Ghost Tours understand that it is sometimes hard to delve into that part, we just want to investigate! BUT it is really important, and it is information we must know before playing with the spirits we hold dear! SO HOW do we¬†compromise? we want to start giving investigation licenses’ out to our first time investigators, if they return for another investigation we will allow them to skip forward and have a longer investigation tour.

how does this sound? We think it will work out

Dont forget to check the stuff people are posting on our facebook!!!!



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A Skeptic Buds!

As the resident skeptic of our investigating team, I am constantly faced with the possibility of encountering something so convincing that I will be forced to accept the presence of spirits and let go of my much loved logic and rationality. I don’t deny that unexplainable things occur, but I hesitate to make the leap from abnormal to apparition.
However, as I approach my six month anniversary of working in this building, I find that I have, at the very least, become a defender of the paranormal’s extended family. It takes patience and guts to sit in the dark and ask for a haunting. Naysayers be damned; sometimes, very strange things happen.
This weekend was no exception. The activity is mounting in St. Anthony Main. Maybe it just the warm days and the promise of spring. Tommy has blossomed. He’s come so far out of his shell (much credit is due to Katie) that he will play hide and seek and have fairly detailed conversations via dowsing rods and occasionally audibly.
Likewise, Amelia, our shy lady of the night, has also come into her own. She is no longer quiet. She has been lighting up flashlights in the Event Center’s basement, nearly on command, and generally gracing us with her presence more often. On Saturday evening, she touched a guest at Katie’s request in the same downstairs area.
Even Dominic has been popping up from time to time. Unlike some investigating teams, moving from place to place, we stay right here, year round. Our ghosts are not our subjects, but rather our friends. Am I still skeptical? Yes. But you don’t turn your back on your friends.

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