calling all mothers

When I first started working at Real Ghost Tours I was thinking it would be time away from being a parent and a fun way to be interacting with adults only. After working just a few days I was contacted by Tommy, the ghost child that had fallen ill of small pox and died. Almost half a year later I contacted a small child about two that has decided to call me “Mama” and follow me around at work and even at home. I’ve had him play hide and seek and roll the red ball down the hallway and play with the talking toys. In return he talks to me on the recorder and I am able to provide evidence that has even the skeptics scratching their heads.

I am so happy to be the mother to my living children and now to even the dead ones. It may seem corny and creepy to others but if you come in and listen to the heart warming messages that the little ones are leaving you can’t help but open your heart to them.

Katie- Real Ghost Tour Investigator

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  1. Visit Website says:

    Its really very interesting topic

  2. Kenisha says:

    Gracias por la respuesya Yoyo, me quedo aguardando, los contacte por el foro inatanrcionel, pero casi que esta parado y todo esta muy confuso, me esperaré buenas noticias. Gracias.

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