Extended report.

Hello Ghost hunters,

We have been experiencing some fairly interesting things, namely EMF, ORB and some pretty cool EVP pieces.  Some of the most notable for me are a gentleman by the name of Jack ( close to Zach, so he has to be a cool guy. ) was walking down the Brothel hallway in the Martin-Morrison basement and he heard his name called into his ear, he looked around thought it was his wife but alas the voice was male and he was fairly positive that the sound was produced very close to his head ( he was standing nearly alone at the time). Hopefully we can catch it on one of the many Digital Recorders that were brought! This type of EVP is considered a class A, meaning he heard it with the naked ear, which is pretty darn-tootin-cool if you ask me. The EMF readings have blown my mind, the fact that they are beginning to respond directly and clearly to the questions we are asking. They also seem to connect to one person for the whole of the tour, starting in the store front and triggering the device all through the complex ambient field or no. I am starting to wonder why this would be! WHY would a spirit follow one person around all night? there are some cool things I have thought about which I will share in a moment, in the meantime we have been getting a TON of ORBS. As I mentioned in the tour ORBS are a tricky business as they can be just about anything in the air deciding to light up for your camera. Between dust, light and other particule contamination it is hard to call every ORB parnormal, but we have been getting some pretty awesome images. Check out our Facebook there have been some pics added, and there will be more tomorrow!

What have we learned in the past couple investigations? I personally have learned the importance of bringing a camera with you! We do take pictures of each one of our investigations but we can’t see everything! if there are 10 or even 20 cameras taking pictures we are bound to see something cool, even if it is just a picture to make us laugh at least we captured it! BRING STUFF!! We do not bar the use of your electronics, that would be silly, digital recorders, video recorders, thermal cameras, lucky underwear and even your favorite pair of dowsing rods can make the experience more familiar and more fun ( we do hand out equipment! so don’t worry to much about it! ). Back to the question of why certain people get seemingly followed on the tour. There is something to say about spirits feeling more comfortable with certain people, be it that they have a maternal or paternal need, or just think you’re cute there are definitely cases of this spirit stalking. This weekend, for instance, a very nice lady had a very motherly way about her and her EMF started to go off in the store and didn’t stop until she left our building, why? Well she was a mother, and in my opinion the children downstairs feel welcomed by this motherly instinct and will attempt to make themselves you’re new children! We hear sometimes that the spirits would follow patrons home, this would be the same thing, they felt comfortable with you and they didn’t want you to leave! This attraction isn’t always a good thing, sometimes the spirit can harbor animosity toward you. “The bad man” doesn’t like me to much, perhaps I remind him of his dad, or a boy who picked on him in life or he doesn’t like men, either one of these things implies that he has or desires a specific connection to me that I had no part in. Some religions and philosophies believe in  Aura’s, which is basically the energy that surrounds an individuals body. Some of these Aura’s can be good feeling or bad, have you ever been in a room with happy people then an angry person walks in a changes the whole feeling? its kind of like that. When we are in a room we are putting out a certain kind of energy, some spirits can take from that energy and like it, sort of like a cool sip of your favorite beverage! is this the only reason? no, this is my own attempt at an explanation. Do you have a theory ? let us know!!!

We are having a HUGE amount of fun. I hope you are enjoying yourself!  KEEP HUNTING! Keep happy, Have fun and LAUGH!!!!!!



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  1. Cory Peickert says:

    Hey Zach it’s Cory from the February 17th Investigation night. Me, my girlfriend, and you had experienced “the bad man” banging on the cage door in the basement! I was really curious if any of the investigators caught anything of interest that night on their video cameras, photo taking, and/or EVP readings??

    I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

    Cory P.

  2. Janesa says:

    It’s funny that you say that, since I’ve often had the EXACT same thought. The only reason I could see for them not doing it is because the people that get on a plane changes right up until the last int32nt&#8as0;

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