Captured EVP from 3/3 tour

Patrick shared this video on our Facebook page from his tour on Saturday night – many thanks:


As he notes in his video description, he asks the “Badman” if he’s there  around the 0:45 mark – if you turn up the volume, you can clearly hear the “No.” response back. Spooky.

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calling all mothers

When I first started working at Real Ghost Tours I was thinking it would be time away from being a parent and a fun way to be interacting with adults only. After working just a few days I was contacted by Tommy, the ghost child that had fallen ill of small pox and died. Almost half a year later I contacted a small child about two that has decided to call me “Mama” and follow me around at work and even at home. I’ve had him play hide and seek and roll the red ball down the hallway and play with the talking toys. In return he talks to me on the recorder and I am able to provide evidence that has even the skeptics scratching their heads.

I am so happy to be the mother to my living children and now to even the dead ones. It may seem corny and creepy to others but if you come in and listen to the heart warming messages that the little ones are leaving you can’t help but open your heart to them.

Katie- Real Ghost Tour Investigator

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Extended report.

Hello Ghost hunters,

We have been experiencing some fairly interesting things, namely EMF, ORB and some pretty cool EVP pieces.  Some of the most notable for me are a gentleman by the name of Jack ( close to Zach, so he has to be a cool guy. ) was walking down the Brothel hallway in the Martin-Morrison basement and he heard his name called into his ear, he looked around thought it was his wife but alas the voice was male and he was fairly positive that the sound was produced very close to his head ( he was standing nearly alone at the time). Hopefully we can catch it on one of the many Digital Recorders that were brought! This type of EVP is considered a class A, meaning he heard it with the naked ear, which is pretty darn-tootin-cool if you ask me. The EMF readings have blown my mind, the fact that they are beginning to respond directly and clearly to the questions we are asking. They also seem to connect to one person for the whole of the tour, starting in the store front and triggering the device all through the complex ambient field or no. I am starting to wonder why this would be! WHY would a spirit follow one person around all night? there are some cool things I have thought about which I will share in a moment, in the meantime we have been getting a TON of ORBS. As I mentioned in the tour ORBS are a tricky business as they can be just about anything in the air deciding to light up for your camera. Between dust, light and other particule contamination it is hard to call every ORB parnormal, but we have been getting some pretty awesome images. Check out our Facebook there have been some pics added, and there will be more tomorrow!

What have we learned in the past couple investigations? I personally have learned the importance of bringing a camera with you! We do take pictures of each one of our investigations but we can’t see everything! if there are 10 or even 20 cameras taking pictures we are bound to see something cool, even if it is just a picture to make us laugh at least we captured it! BRING STUFF!! We do not bar the use of your electronics, that would be silly, digital recorders, video recorders, thermal cameras, lucky underwear and even your favorite pair of dowsing rods can make the experience more familiar and more fun ( we do hand out equipment! so don’t worry to much about it! ). Back to the question of why certain people get seemingly followed on the tour. There is something to say about spirits feeling more comfortable with certain people, be it that they have a maternal or paternal need, or just think you’re cute there are definitely cases of this spirit stalking. This weekend, for instance, a very nice lady had a very motherly way about her and her EMF started to go off in the store and didn’t stop until she left our building, why? Well she was a mother, and in my opinion the children downstairs feel welcomed by this motherly instinct and will attempt to make themselves you’re new children! We hear sometimes that the spirits would follow patrons home, this would be the same thing, they felt comfortable with you and they didn’t want you to leave! This attraction isn’t always a good thing, sometimes the spirit can harbor animosity toward you. “The bad man” doesn’t like me to much, perhaps I remind him of his dad, or a boy who picked on him in life or he doesn’t like men, either one of these things implies that he has or desires a specific connection to me that I had no part in. Some religions and philosophies believe in  Aura’s, which is basically the energy that surrounds an individuals body. Some of these Aura’s can be good feeling or bad, have you ever been in a room with happy people then an angry person walks in a changes the whole feeling? its kind of like that. When we are in a room we are putting out a certain kind of energy, some spirits can take from that energy and like it, sort of like a cool sip of your favorite beverage! is this the only reason? no, this is my own attempt at an explanation. Do you have a theory ? let us know!!!

We are having a HUGE amount of fun. I hope you are enjoying yourself!  KEEP HUNTING! Keep happy, Have fun and LAUGH!!!!!!



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Friday Night Lights

Maybe it was his birthday, maybe it was his death-day, but Friday, February 10 was Tommy’s night. All three tours had various encounters with our youngest ghost. He seemed anxious to communicate, almost desperate as the night wore on.
On the 7 o’clock tour, we had high EMF readings in the Brothel/Pracna’s basement hallway. This is an area that we believe another resident spirit haunts as well. The Bad Man isn’t a child though, and I think he frightens Tommy. It can be difficult to tell who is trying to speak, but on the 9 o’clock tour we had a few guests discover that they were rather adept dowsers. We were able to ascertain that it was indeed Tommy manifesting and not, fortunately, the Bad Man. (Though I should point out that we aren’t entirely sure that this Bad Man deserves this title. As of now, it’s more honorary than it is official.)
Either way, Tommy was adamant in his attempts. We had orbs appear in Katy’s video camera as well as a few guest photos. Katy has been spearheading the effort to bring Tommy more toys. He trusts us enough to chat now, but not enough to really open up. Because he died so young, he’s reluctant to accept his death and thus is also reluctant to converse about it. We work to make our tours comfortable and safe for the ghosts as well as the guests, and much as you would a sad living little boy, we try to bring Tommy treats and gifts that might cheer him up. He seemed particularly pleased with the drawing of ducks that Katy left for him. She’s also left candy and a few other toys.
On the 11 o’clock tour, we had so much activity that it must be working. EMF readings off the chart, camera malfunctions (Katy’s camcorder screen moving by itself, for example), and physical contact. We had a smaller group for this last tour and Tommy apparently felt agreeable because he followed us all night. Although physical touch is something we take for granted, the amount of energy needed for a spirit to conjure matter is considerable. This is a very good sign! The ghosts are responding to us positively, and we can only really thank our guests for that. It is their openness that allows the spirits the freedom to appear. Knowing that they’ll be accepted, our ghosts are hopefully as happy with the tours as you are.
Thanks Tommy!

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Weekend Report From 3-5, February

Greetings Ghost Hunters!

This weekend was certainly very interesting and full of surprises. I am always amazed by the amazing history we have in Minneapolis. Any paranormal investigator should also be a historian in certain ways, it really does help. Trigger objects can be very potent and can add a spark to any investigation, these objects can be toys or pictures that would have held significance to the spirit. We like to think of historical information as our trigger objects, if we as investigators have the ability to ask very specific questions, we find that we can provoke sometimes incredible interactions. If you ask “Are you here?” you may get something, but if you ask in french, maybe you’ll get more. The history of an area will give you specific clues that will make your investigation more thorough and hopefully spark more activity.

This weekend was the weekend of streaks. I have seen a lot of orbs in my day, but this is the first time I have seen these types of streaks ( there are a couple on our Facebook page) they are solid white lines that look like errors in the camera. I was quick to dismiss at first but after I was shown about 10 pictures from different people I started to look closer. Most of these streaks are coming from the basement of the Martin-Morrison building, and they appear alone (no orbs before or after). I am doing a little more research about what these streaks could be and why we haven’t seen them before this weekend.

We had a couple people feel the same cobweb feeling in our basement although this time it was accompanied by a couple of investigators getting touched. The most notable touching happened while in what would have been the Satterlee warehouse.  A woman was walking and heard what she described as heavy breathing through the parabolic mic. and she felt someone touch her back as if to move her to the side, she turned to see who was moving past her and there was no one. Definitely an exciting piece for us.

We are super excited about the amount of fun we are having on these tours! It is awesome to see everyone get excited about the paranormal and about the history in our beautiful city. We will be compiling an evidence part to our facebook to make it a little more accessible which is something to look forward to! We are also getting ready for our screening of the pilot episode of “Ghost Boyz”  which will not be something you want to miss. Keep Hunting and posting your own tales, evidence and general tom foolery, we LOVE it !



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Light of the Dead

Long ago I worked at a supposedly haunted coffee shop that used to be a morgue. I tried to ignore the knocks and footsteps of the coffee drinking specters. I doubted that the place was haunted to begin with until one Sunday I was making table clothes and looked up to a lone candle lit on the table that I was just sitting at cutting doilies for the table.

I jumped up and ran to the door crying. After all I was only 20 years old and really frightened of the paranormal. I waited until a friend came to sit with me and calm me down.

Years later I am a Paranormal Investigator and the same thing happens to me again, but this time i don’t cry about it, (as much!)

Last weekend we guided a big tour up to the third floor of the old mattress factory and we walked in a large room that has big beautiful windows. The darkness in the room was only penetrated by the outside moonlight that cast luminous rays on the furniture and the items strewn upon the tables that were precariously set across the vast room… We looked around with our EMF detectors and my video camera with infrared and saw nothing. Then we strolled out of the room and entered another area until a loud a noise brought us back to the room we just left. There on the curio crowded table was a single lit candle dancing in the night air. We stood around stunned as I taped the occurrence on my camera.

Our second tour went smoothly without the visceral feelings in my gut that tell me I am being followed by the dead. I Even asked Zac, our lead tour guide, if he assumed someone pranked us with the candle. He seemed as undecided as I was.

The third tour came and all of us tour guides felt drained from the enormous activity we had experienced from the first tour. We had voices saying “LEAVE!” and some man telling us his name was “Gabe” and so much EMF activity that we had the first tour line up against the wall with 10 on one side for”yes” and ten on the other side for “no” and the ghost was lighting up all ten on one side for “Yes” and then all the other EMF detectors for “No” when we would ask a question! Then we were locked out of our space with the lights turned on which is impossible to do unless you are a ghost…!! It was no wonder that all the guides felt craven and drained.

I never expected the finale to happen as it did.

The third tour, as I mentioned before, felt like I was walking under water with heavy anchors on my feet. I felt depressed for no reason, even though I had just been so happy and excited about the first tours activity.

When we walked up to the other room that we had seen the previous paranormal activity in, we felt a change in the atmosphere. It was now thicker and dark feeling, like the room had a black, gossamer veil wrapped over it.

We walked right back out and Zac poked his head in for a quick once over and saw that the candle that had been lit on the first tour had been relit once again! For someone to prank us they would have a one in a hundred chances to get the right candle lit again as there are so many in the room! We just stood there scratching our heads and looking wide-eyed at each other. We explained to the people on the tour that the same candle had been relit again but I doubt even they could weigh the heavy significance of it when even I could barely wrap my brian around what I witnessed.

When every one on the tour went their separate ways and drove home thinking about all the strange things they heard and saw, I was right there with them running circles in my mind trying to figure it all out. I came to some simple conclusions:

The dead need light to guide the way sometimes or they just want to tell us that we are not alone in even the darkest of times.

Katie Quella

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The Seven Foot Shadow Man

He has been seen before. He was seen by Zac and one of the Ghost Boys down in the basement. He was spotted by me for a brief second down in the Event Center basement.

All of that is great but the most spectacular thing is when two non believers, a beautifully elegant couple named Skip and Michelle came to the tour to hear the history and left a believer in the paranormal!

We were up on the third floor and everyone was in this room oohing and aweing over a candle that magically lit itself for the first out of two times in one evening. They decided to amble away from the group slowly taking in the quiet, eerie, stillness of the bigger rooms in the old mattress factory and as they rounded the corner they witnessed a body builder at least six and a half feet tall walk around this room divider and walk through crates!

They showed me and I asked if the person climbed over the crates. They were just flabbergasted when they realized that no living human is all shadow and built that big and has the ability to walk through inanimate objects.

Afterwards, they were even more shocked to learn that he had been spotted in that same place many times before and also in our basement.

Thanks, shadow man, for giving all us more to ponder and believe in!

Katie Quella

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Thermal evidence (from January 14)

Kenny, who came on our tour on Saturday, shot the following video & put it up on Youtube.

Interesting! Especially check out what he labels a ‘thermal anomaly’ from ~1:55 – 2:40 right by the wrist that’s holding a dowsing rod. It looks just like it’s streaming away, then hover, & eventually comes back. This video was taken in the basement below the Martin-Morrison block. Cool stuff!

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it felt as if I walked thru an electric cobwebb

I think I had my first encounter with a ghost tonight in the ladies bathroom on the second floor! It was the oddest feeling….it felt as if I walked thru an electric cobwebb. I wonder if that is how others have felt the paranormal??

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Tour report Friday 13th.

Hey Ghost Hunters!

Well we don’t suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia ( fear of Friday the 13th ), we were out hunting! It was quiet tonight; not many big things to report. We as usual captured very odd EMF readings, some hitting into the 7’s and 8’s which in my book is pretty cool, pair that with the chills that everyone getting a reading felt, I’d say we got something trying to manifest. We also had some first time dowsers experience first-hand the cool things the rods can do. In a pitch black room I was able to identify every person by simply asking the rods to point to a particular person (mind you I had no previous knowledge of the names of the patrons, they called out random names for me) which is always an eerie thing. We had one patron report being grabbed in the bottom in the “cage” area which is something we have heard from many patrons. I believe this serial booty grabber may still think there is a brothel in our basement!

It is very interesting to run a “tour” of the paranormal, there are so many factors which can change the outcome of an investigation, not one tour is the same. I always love having tons of people on the tour, the group mentality of an investigation is contagious and everyone has a great time, spirits or no. I think this may be what the paranormal world has been missing! A location to promote discourse on the whys, hows and simple jib jab of the hunt. I am always so happy to talk to a skeptic about what I find interesting in the paranormal world, and what is even better is that the skeptic talks back! Not everyone has to believe in ghosties, but, boy, is the pursuit of them fun and everyone gets a chance to find something  to talk about on the ride home.

I hope that we can capture something big during this special weekend, but even if we  don’t, meeting people, hearing their stories and watching them get excited about ghosts is a big enough biscuit for me!

I hope to see you all soon!



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