We were inundated with both the living and the dead this weekend! Our boss added a 7 pm tour, so we now offer the 7pm, 9pm, 11pm and overnight which starts around 11pm and goes until approximately 3am or there after if the evidence is non stop. There have been times when the activity is so spookalicious that the tour attendees are dragging the lead investigators away because they are terrified!

People are worried that they have to get in before Halloween or the activity will dwindle down and they won’t get the “good” evidence.

Some think that the spike in activity is due to Halloween, which has been the day for the dead to roam the earth and mingle with the living.

I am here to guarantee to you that this is only a small part of the rise in activity, that there is something far more serious and impending than just this holiday for the dead.

This weekend the spirits were telling the group through my digital recorder in the form of an EVP or electronic voice phenomena , that there is going to be a huge event in the cosmos that will keep the veil between the living and the dead gossamer thin and the dead can increasingly interact much more efficiently with the living. Some of this is due to the increasing numbers of spirits getting caught between the worlds and there is an alarming gain in population and they are worried a major sweep will happen where they will get displaced to an unsatisfactory place.

I guess this is where I mother everyone and tell them to live carefully but to die even more carefully.

What can that mean for you?

We recently had a drug addicted step father that died of an over-dose, visit us in one of our haunted locations and tell his step son who was attending our tour, that is wasn’t too late for his drug addicted mother to change and get clean and that all he needed his step son to do was: go to her, walk thru her front door, sit down on her bed and take her hand and tell her to fight the urge. He said all of this in my recorder! The tour was in tears. We were startled when at one am, the guys phone rang and the mom he hadn’t spoken to in a very long time, had mysteriously dialed his number. The deceased step dad had admitted in the recorder, to setting it all up. He said to die like that has made him stuck in between worlds and he would not take his light until he knew that the woman he loved finally quit the drugs and had hope again. He said to die like how he passed gave him indescribable pain. He wanted to save his wife from the same fate, and felt his step son was the only way.

The next night another tour attendee had a godfather come thru, said a few jokes at first but then got real serious and told the 52-year-old man who he felt worried that he would end up dying a depressed old man that never knew true joy. He went on to say that he was living his life very much like his father who was currently stuck in limbo because he had been so depressed in life and was angry he had not enjoyed life more and had no loving memories to guide him into the light.

Another girl had a male husband from a former life tormenting her because she had abused him and he was hell-bent of killing her until he was convinced what the face of real love looked like and went into the light after a tearful forgiveness.

Every thing YOU do is reflected in your after life. That is their basic message to all of us. The opposite of love is not hate but fear, and fear drives us to do hateful things.

We have also learned that the addictions you struggle with in life, follow you in death if you don’t deal with them while you still live. If you refuse to take your light and face your life and death in a fearless and accountable manner then these problems will continue to haunt you mercilessly.

A spirit named Burt gave a perfect example of this when he reminded a woman on our tour that his only addiction was for booze and he desperately wanted some or he wouldn’t let the other spirits through and interact with us!


The overnight is a perfect forum to talk to not only our resident spirits, but also the tour attendees dead family and friends. Often the dead speak loud enough for the other listeners to hear, but sometimes they want only the medium to hear and have me relay the messages. We had an uncle visit us in the basement where we learned of his untimely death. He had stepped forward to tell his niece that he was ALWAYS with her and her sister Katy. He said his name was Nick, but his family called him Nicky Boy, only something they would know. The EVP of him telling us this is so audible that even the folks down the hall heard it! He said he hadn’t passed over yet because he was looking for his wife that died a year after him and usually that means she did pass on into the light leaving him searching for her and protecting his nieces.

This tells me that you can live a full, happy life and still get stuck in limbo due to a sudden and untimely death that takes you by surprise and leaves the person feeling stunned and lost. Hopefully by telling Nick that his wife is waiting in the light made him rush towards it and live a contented family life in the great here after.

I never thought that I would have the great honor of meeting so many wonderful deceased family members of our customers and I am truly grateful.

For the ones that want a more private, quiet atmosphere to try to have a conversation with the dead; whether its your family that passed, a friend you greatly miss or even want to engage one of our many local resident spirits here, I suggest when you book a reservation, ask our receptionist to do an overnight and hopefully I can get you to connect with someone who has probably been dying to speak with you as well! (no pun intended.

I hope to see many return ghost enthusiasts and some new faces as well. A special Banshee shout out to: Josie, a wonderful 14-year-old sensitive that has been gracing our tours over half a dozen times and David, another teenage investigator that never minds a good explosion of poltergeist activity over his head or the scary three clawed scratch that he gets when he provokes the grumpy spirits in our basement tunnels!

May you all clean the closet of your unconscious mind,


Much love and light,

Katie Quella Lead investigator, CMT, ITCM

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