4/21 – Investigation Log

*7pm – There were quite a few EMF spikes that teased us when we were on the second floor of the Evener Center. None of the spikes stayed for too long but seemed to travel about the room. Apparently, it was just a tease compared to the basement.

The flashlight is still being really responsive in the basement of the Event Center. Perhaps the special investigation last night stirred things up , who knows. Tonight, Zach was getting response after response to his questions. He would even give the spirit a countdown to turn the light off and it worked! If you’re starting to get skeptical, a woman on the tour translated each of his questions into Spanish and the light responded exactly the same to the Spanish translation.

*9pm – This tour was REALLY full. 🙂 The best part was that everyone was really upbeat despite the weather. An investigator found something strange while on the second floor of the event center. The picture that is hanging on the wall near the stairs (going down toward basement) sent two meters all the way up for about 10 seconds before calming down. No one got a reading after that.  A Younger investigator had quite the experience. After turning the corner in our basement, he claimed to be met by a full-bodied apparition, a young girl about his height with brown hair! Needless to say he was a little bit frightened after that, but very excited, This report matches other report coming from our basement, of little Tommy or little Emily. Other patrons in the basement felt short of breath and saw a sign on the wall that did not exist.

*11pm – A few investigators were down in the Ghost Tours basement, in the “bad man hallway” and felt something like water drop onto their heads. When they looked for the  source to no avail. Then, one of the investigators heard the name “Eric” whispered.

**Overall it seems that the activity is picking up as we move into the summer season.

Check for more updates next week. Happy Hunting.


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  1. Alex sulistyo says:

    Zach was AWESOME he talked to a ghost who made a flashlight go on and off. i also think emily likes me. She was smiling at me and had a good attitude. I liked the EMF meter it was really fun. (: (:

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