4/20/12 – Investigation Report

Greetings fellow investigators –

Tonight marks the start of yet another weekend of tours. Last weekend proved to be a pretty good weekend activity-wise. I have a sneaking suspicion that it had more to do with the inclement weather that we were experiencing than it had to do with the fact that it was Friday the 13th.

From what I have gathered in my research, it is believed that paranormal activity is more prevalent during storms or inclement weather due to increased electromagnetic energy that manifests before and during a storm. (This is what causes lightning. There is a build-up of electron particles in the atmosphere and lightning is created when this charge equalizes.) It is thought, by some, that this extra energy is what allows the paranormal to be so prevalent on stormy nights.

Tonight’s Evidence:

*7pm – Soo…just as the investigation portion of the tour started on the second level of “the Event Center,” a patron had switched off the flashlight hanging around his neck to save battery, and when he crossed the threshold into the room, the light clicked on all by itself. Then, when we were in the basement area of the Event Center, Zach set down his personal flashlight and began to ask the room if there was a spirit present and if so, to turn the flashlight on. It did. And it turned on SEVERAL times for other questions too.

*9pm – this tour was quiet. too quiet. eerily quiet. hmm…

*11pm – SPECIAL: This tour was 100% investigation. We originally had 3 returning investigators signed up for the tour so we decided to do a spur of the moment “investigation only” tour and announce it on Facebook and Twitter. A few more veterans returned for this special event. There were 12 of us total for the investigation. It was a really great time. I don’t really know how to explain why the spirits were so quiet on the previous tour other than they were saving it for this one. When we were in the basement of the Event Center, we saw not one, but two flashlights responding to questions. Only one flashlight belonged to us, the other to Jenny G., a returning investigator. The flashlight seemed to be responding primarily to her questions and did so for about 15 minutes. In the basement under the store, the EMF activity was being rather consistent and seemed to be responding to questions.

Given that there was so much specific activity that happened tonight, I suspect that most of the investigators collected personal evidence and will be sending it to us in due time. When we get it, we will post it.

Happy Hunting – James

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