Weekend Report From 3-5, February

Greetings Ghost Hunters!

This weekend was certainly very interesting and full of surprises. I am always amazed by the amazing history we have in Minneapolis. Any paranormal investigator should also be a historian in certain ways, it really does help. Trigger objects can be very potent and can add a spark to any investigation, these objects can be toys or pictures that would have held significance to the spirit. We like to think of historical information as our trigger objects, if we as investigators have the ability to ask very specific questions, we find that we can provoke sometimes incredible interactions. If you ask “Are you here?” you may get something, but if you ask in french, maybe you’ll get more. The history of an area will give you specific clues that will make your investigation more thorough and hopefully spark more activity.

This weekend was the weekend of streaks. I have seen a lot of orbs in my day, but this is the first time I have seen these types of streaks ( there are a couple on our Facebook page) they are solid white lines that look like errors in the camera. I was quick to dismiss at first but after I was shown about 10 pictures from different people I started to look closer. Most of these streaks are coming from the basement of the Martin-Morrison building, and they appear alone (no orbs before or after). I am doing a little more research about what these streaks could be and why we haven’t seen them before this weekend.

We had a couple people feel the same cobweb feeling in our basement although this time it was accompanied by a couple of investigators getting touched. The most notable touching happened while in what would have been the Satterlee warehouse.  A woman was walking and heard what she described as heavy breathing through the parabolic mic. and she felt someone touch her back as if to move her to the side, she turned to see who was moving past her and there was no one. Definitely an exciting piece for us.

We are super excited about the amount of fun we are having on these tours! It is awesome to see everyone get excited about the paranormal and about the history in our beautiful city. We will be compiling an evidence part to our facebook to make it a little more accessible which is something to look forward to! We are also getting ready for our screening of the pilot episode of “Ghost Boyz”  which will not be something you want to miss. Keep Hunting and posting your own tales, evidence and general tom foolery, we LOVE it !



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  1. Buffy says:

    Tricky one. I know what you are suggesting, but in reality, many (or most) people tend to like starcast promos more, because they can’t seem to separate starcast from the promo. In fact, tha&8#t217;s where the crux of the entire research problem raised here is!

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