The Seven Foot Shadow Man

He has been seen before. He was seen by Zac and one of the Ghost Boys down in the basement. He was spotted by me for a brief second down in the Event Center basement.

All of that is great but the most spectacular thing is when two non believers, a beautifully elegant couple named Skip and Michelle came to the tour to hear the history and left a believer in the paranormal!

We were up on the third floor and everyone was in this room oohing and aweing over a candle that magically lit itself for the first out of two times in one evening. They decided to amble away from the group slowly taking in the quiet, eerie, stillness of the bigger rooms in the old mattress factory and as they rounded the corner they witnessed a body builder at least six and a half feet tall walk around this room divider and walk through crates!

They showed me and I asked if the person climbed over the crates. They were just flabbergasted when they realized that no living human is all shadow and built that big and has the ability to walk through inanimate objects.

Afterwards, they were even more shocked to learn that he had been spotted in that same place many times before and also in our basement.

Thanks, shadow man, for giving all us more to ponder and believe in!

Katie Quella

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  1. Sable says:

    I’m imressped. You’ve really raised the bar with that.

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